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Yellow Thoughts

Yellow Thoughts Read More


Robot Read More

Joy of the World

Joy of the world. Read More


Jezebel Read More


This is a work of structure and madness, a work about the invasion of a system, about destruction and chaos. Read More


We sometimes stand trial in front of ourselves. We cannot run or hide from what we are. We can hide it from others, but not from ourselves. And our conscience is sometimes a dark place we dread to enter. Read More

Inevitabile Fatum

It is not death itself that scares us, but rather the thought of death. Just as the “totentanz” theme in medieval art, this work aims to remind all of us, regardless of how we may feel about it, that the inevitable fate awaits us all. Read More

Dead Birds

The absence of that which makes us feel alive leaves us empty and often without purpose. Feeding on the life of others will only leave us with a greater emptiness after they have gone. Read More

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